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What do “No Overnight Parking” signs really mean?

Unfortunately "No Overnight Parking" signs are common and can be hard to understand. This article provides clear examples and tips to help you out!

What do you do when you pull into a Walmart, hoping to obtain permission from the store to park overnight for one night — but you see “No Overnight Parking” signs?

A “No Overnight Parking” sign in a Walmart parking lot can mean a LOT of different things:

  • It may mean “No Overnight Truck Parking” but RVs are OK, provided they get permission from the store.
  • It may mean “No Overnight Parking Without Permission” but with permission is OK.
  • It may mean “No Overnight Parking in This Part of the Parking Lot” but it’s ok in other parts of the lot, if you get permission.
  • It may mean “The local RV Parks were complaining that we were taking business away from them, so to shut them up we put up this sign, but Overnight RV Parking is perfectly OK, with store permission.”
  • It may mean “There’s a local ordinance against Overnight RV Parking, but they never enforce it and you can park here.”
  • It may mean “We are happy to give you permission to park overnight, and the sign is just there to give us the legal leverage to have the police evict troublemakers or problem RVers.”
  • And sometimes, it means exactly what it says – No Overnight Parking, period.

How do you know what the signs actually mean at a specific location?

You go to the Customer Service desk and ask for permission. Or you telephone the store and ask for the Customer Service Desk, and ask for permission to park overnight, for ONE night, in their parking lot. Don’t mention the sign when you talk to them – let them tell you whether they’ll give you permission or not.

2 comments on “What do “No Overnight Parking” signs really mean?

  1. mrtommy007

    I never thought of all these ‘possibilities’. Thank you for the possible explanations.

    • OvernightRVParking

      You’re welcome!

      In the 13+ years we’ve been gathering this sort of information, we’ve learned a lot about the ins and outs and dos and don’ts of Overnight RV Parking. The one thing that we find, again and again, is this: The only universal rule about Overnight RV Parking is that there are no universal rules about Overnight RV Parking. Every situation is different. And this is why our listings include as much practical detail about each location as we can provide.

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