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We’ve updated 765 location listings since Dec 1

Our database is continually being updated. We updated hundreds of locations in the last month!

The database is valuable to our subscribers because of its breadth (over 14,500 location listings) and because we work hard to keep it as current as possible. Our subscribers assist in this process by sending us updates on the places where they’re able to confirm what the policy is regarding Overnight RV Parking. (They receive free weeks added to their subscriptions for these reports.) In addition, we make hundreds of telephone calls to other locations, and spend hundreds of hours doing online research. to be sure the information in our database is as current and as accurate as possible.

From December 1, 2019 through January 7, 2020, we updated a total of 765 database locations:

307Walmart & Sam’s Club
59Home Improvement, Farm & Ranch Stores
11Camping World, Gander RV
4Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Other Sporting Goods Stores
5Other retail stores
64Elks, Moose, Eagles Lodges
30Cracker Barrels
10Other restaurants
68Truck Stops & Gas Stations
143Rest Areas, Welcome Centers, Turnouts, Vista Points, Etc.
43City & State Parks, BLM, Other public land, Fairgrounds

Our subscribers appreciate our efforts and the contributions by their fellow RVers. Our subscription renewal rate continues to climb, year after year.

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