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Constant updating is important because things change all the time.
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We updated nearly 900 location listings in September

Constant updating is important because things change all the time.

We recently dug out a copy of the oldest version of our OvernightRVParking database, which is dated February 5, 2007. This was nearly 14 years ago, and more than a year before we launched the website. That list included only 548 listings, and just 7 of these were in Canada. By contrast, we now list 14,009 locations in the USA and another 872 in Canada, for a total of 14,881 locations.

Keeping these listings current is a lot bigger job than it was when we started, but it’s always been our commitment to provide you with the most current available information. You shouldn’t have to depend on old lists that haven’t been updated in 10 years or more – and there are some out there. Retail stores that allow Overnight RV Parking change their policy and don’t allow it any more. Some places that haven’t allowed it in the past start allowing it again. Businesses in our database close or change ownership. Rest areas open and close, sometimes for a few hours or days, and sometimes for months on end.

Our subscribers assist in the updating process by sending us update reports on the places where they confirm the Overnight RV Parking policy. In return, we add additional free weeks to their subscriptions. (We have subscribers who paid for a one-year subscription more than a decade ago, and have never had to renew their subscriptions because they’ve earned so many weeks from the reports they submit.) We supplement this with many hours of Internet research and hundreds of phone calls, so that you don’t have to.

In September 2020, we added or updated a total of 883 database listings:

263Walmart & Sam’s Club
37Home Improvement, Farm & Ranch Stores
8RV Dealerships
16Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Other Sporting Goods
36Other retail stores
30Elks, Moose, Eagles Lodges
71Cracker Barrels & Other Restaurants
44Truck Stops & Gas Stations
106Casinos, Racetracks
137Rest Areas, Welcome Centers, Turnouts, Etc.
124City & State Parks, BLM, Other public land, Fairgrounds
11Miscellaneous other places
Total of 883 locations updated in September 2020

We continue this ongoing process, and we expect to add or update hundreds of locations in October.

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