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satellite image of the newly closed location

Local residents’ actions cause closure of an overnight RV parking location

Local residents behaving poorly caused a beautiful rest area to be indefinitely closed.

On SR (State Route) 71 in Texas, about halfway between Austin and Houston, lies the small unincorporated village of West Point. A mile or so west of West Point is a beautiful Roadside Picnic Area and Park, which has been used by RVers traveling SR 71 for years, for a daytime rest stop or picnic, and for Overnight RV Parking.

Early in February, 2020, one of our subscribers reported to us that this Roadside Picnic Area & Park were closed, and that the entrances at both ends were barricaded to prevent vehicles from entering. There was no indication as to whether this closure was temporary or permanent, so we contacted the TX DOT to find out. 

We still don’t know, because the TX DOT has not determined whether this location will ever reopen. But the sad part of the story is the reason for the closure: “continual dumping of public trash (mattresses, large debris, etc.).” 

When we lose an Overnight RV Parking location, it’s often due to the behavior of other RVers (as we recently published in an article about why more and more Walmarts are no longer allowing Overnight RV Parking). All too often, we are our own worst enemy in this regard. But in this case, RVers weren’t at fault in the closure of this great location — it was local residents using this park as a dumping ground for their trash. 

In the meantime, there is another Overnight RV Parking location immediately west of this one: The Wood’s Fort Historical marker. It has six regular parking spaces that will accommodate small RVs that are about 20 ft or less in length, but longer RVs must park on the shoulder, with passing traffic just a few feet away. 

We hope this Roadside Picnic Area & Park will re-open soon, and that the area residents who caused its closure will dispose of their trash properly in the future.

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