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Earn more weeks by using locations that haven’t been updated in awhile

Learn how to earn extra weeks by reading this post about how to update locations which haven't been updated in awhile.

When you park overnight at a location in our database and send in an update report, you generally earn an additional free week for those reports. (There are a few exceptions, that are laid out on our FAQ page, in the “Locations Database” section.) Whenever you report on a location for which our most recent “Date of Report” is more than two years old, these updates earn you TWO weeks instead of one.

We have a number of subscribers who specialize in finding these locations. Once they verify the parking policy and send in their update, they earn extra weeks twice as fast! Some of them have been subscribers for years, and they’ve earned enough free weeks that they’ve never had to pay for a subscription renewal!

Updating a location takes just a few seconds!

First, make sure you have confirmed the overnight parking policy for this location. Then, to update the listing, click the icon for that location on our map. The sidebar which opens up has lots of information about the location. Scroll down and click ‘Update Location’ (see red rectangle in the screenshot below). This will take you to a quick & easy form to fill out a few simple fields. At the bottom, click the [Update Location] button. When we process your update report, we’ll notify that it’s done and that we’ve added whatever subscription time this report has earned for you.

Click “Update Location” to earn extra weeks

Thank you for helping to build the largest, most detailed, and most reliable database of free overnight RV parking locations!

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