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Do you automatically renew my subscription?

We do not automatically renew your subscription, and this article explains why that's good for you and good for business.

Our subscribers sometimes ask us whether we automatically renew their subscription each year when their renewal date rolls around. The answer is very simple. The reasoning behind it makes sense, at least to us.

The simple answer is “No.” We don’t do automatic renewals. 

There are a few reasons we do it this way. 

First, when you subscribe to using a credit or debit card, but we never see your card number. Whether you subscribe through our website (which about 95% of our subscribers do) or the App Store or the Play Store, your payment information goes through the App Store or through PayPal. 

If we were to do automatic renewals, we’d need to store your credit card information. This would make us a target for hackers. In addition, credit and debit cards expire, or they get cancelled due to data breaches at other companies, so businesses that have recurring billings spend a lot of time contacting their customers to get updated card numbers. We avoid all of this.

Instead, we just let you know when it’s time to renew. About a week before your subscription renewal date, we’ll send you a “renewal reminder” email. You can then log in and renew your subscription — and of course we hope you’ll do that, so you’ll have another year of access to our unmatched trove of information.

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