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Are truck stops now charging for Overnight RV Parking?

Our research uncovered possible fraud at truck stops. This article gives tips to help ensure you aren't caught.

Recently, one of our staff members telephoned a truck stop, one that’s part of a major truck stop chain, to re-verify their Overnight RV Parking Policy. The truck stop employee told him that it was allowed — but there was a charge of $14/night for Overnight RV Parking!

To be sure this wasn’t an error, our CEO/Administrator telephoned the same truck stop and got the same answer. We know that some of the major truck stop chains now offer paid reserved parking spaces for trucks, we asked whether this is what they were talking about. No, they said, those spaces are for trucks only. They were charging $14 for an RV to park in a regular truck parking space in the far back part of their truck parking lot for one night.

Well, we asked, what about a small RV such as a Pick-Up Camper or a Class B Van? They replied that these small RVs could park in an automobile parking space in the automobile area of the truck stop, but it would still cost $14/night.

We’ve been compiling and updating information on Overnight RV Parking since early in 2006, and this was something we hadn’t previously run across. So we telephoned the national office of this truck stop chain and spoke with one of their executives. It appears that either the employee who told us all of this was mistaken — or some employees may be running an unauthorized “side business” charging RVs to park overnight. The company executive assured me that this was NOT authorized, and that it would end immediately.

If you decide to park overnight at a truck stop in your RV and you’re told that there is a charge to do this, we strongly recommend that you ask to speak with the Truck Stop Manager to verify whether this charge is authorized by the company. If they say that it is, then it’s your decision whether to pay the fee and park overnight there. Alternatively, you could go to the website or app to find another place to park that night. Either way, we hope you’ll tell us of your experience. We’re building relationships with the appropriate officials at these truck stop chains, and we will report it to them for any action they deem appropriate.

Image credit: U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Kelly Goonan (source)

2 comments on “Are truck stops now charging for Overnight RV Parking?

  1. What is the name of the truck stop chain referred to in this article?

  2. OvernightRVParking

    We have elected not to reveal which Truck Stop Chain or which location it was where the employees were collecting unauthorized fees for Overnight RV Parking. The company has assured us that this practice has stopped, and that RVs are welcome to park overnight there.

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